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I am pleased to announce, at long last, the digital release of my latest novel, The Oubliette, now available from all major digital outlets, in all the major formats.

Author Zoe Saadia says of The Oubliette, “Unusual and riveting! The Oubliette was an exciting read that I found plain impossible to put down. Unusual, deeply educating, revealing, it kept me glued to my Kindle, unable to guess what will happen, desperate to find out, surprised with the ending on all levels.”

“The Oubliette” is a darkly, compelling tale of the unseen forces that have, from the beginning, doggedly shaped our world by their influence on the minds of men. It is the powerful tale of a NYC fireman’s confrontation with an imprisoned angel, one too powerful for death, but too wicked to be free, whose rebellion has been especially offensive to God.

There, beneath the mythical desert of Duadel there exists a place of lonely darkness, a place that has been “forgotten” for many centuries by the world of light above. In that place, on the morning of September eleventh, two thousand and one, amidst darkness, chaos, and the rush of time, Mike Brennan will be forced to decide what he will sacrifice in order to save the life of a young boy and, indeed, to save his own life, for, in the depths of that dungeon lies an ancient evil, a solitary prisoner of conscience who, in isolation, awaits judgement.

“The Oubliette,” is an account of the continuing battle for the minds of men, and for planet Earth as well. It is a story of Powers, Principalities, and Dominions, of the spread of evil and wickedness among human-kind, and of God’s plan to overcome. The epic battle between darkness and light impacts the lives of all people, as illustrated in the life of a single fireman and a small boy, on an infamous day of conflict.


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