About The Author

B. James Wilson is an author, artist, teacher and student of the Bible. He lives with his wife and family on Florida’s East Coast, where he works and writes a wide variety of fiction.

He grew up in Miami, Florida where he developed a wild imagination and a love for boating. He spent much of his time on Biscayne Bay fishing and camping on the barrier islands, or exploring the Everglades. Later, his family moved to Florida’s Space Coast where he graduated from Satellite High School. In the summer of that year, he received a draft notice and joined the Navy to “see the world”, flying naval patrols throughout the western Pacific, including Viet Nam. It truly was an adventure, as advertised, it just wasn’t the life for he wanted.

In the years since he has studied at the University of Florida, Arizona State and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has worked in the space industry, manufacturing, marine science research, multimedia production, and the restaurant business and lived in Florida, California, Japan and Guam. He has been married to his lovely wife, Nancy, for 45 years. They have raised two children and now glory together in their five grandchildren.


Mr. Wilson has always had a powerful imagination and, as he puts it, he has, “always been a pretty good liar, or, story teller, as the case may be. That, along with a reclusive nature,  are traits I developed as part of my “third child syndrome”. I got interested in reading as a teenager, and books like, “The Yearling”, by Marjorie Rawlings, “Old Yeller”, by Fred Gipson, and classics like, “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald and “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickins, all reverberated in me. I loved the way these authors painted pictures and new realities in my mind, using nothing but words on a page. I’m an artist at heart, and this art struck a lasting chord with me.”


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