suffugielYou don’t know me, and I may not appear to you as a sympathetic character in this age of disbelief, but it has not always been so. People today have become too skeptical, a condition based on what passes for science in the information age. Oh, please don’t misunderstand, there is no doubt that knowledge has increased, we, myself and the others of The Five, have seen to that, but only in exchange for the precious commodity of wisdom, an exchange mankind has been more than willing to make in their foolish rush to become their own god. But neither wisdom, or knowledge hold any value when compared to understanding. Now there is a thing to be desired, “understanding”. It is a gem that has been lost to men since before the Dark Ages. You see, before the collapse of Rome, most men understood that other worlds existed, worlds beyond their sight.

In ancient days and for millennia before, magic and sorcery were very real, not merely illusion, or slight-of-hand. In the distant past, men accomplished amazing feats of dark sorcery in concert with Dominions and Powers, entities, like myself, from a world beyond your making, a world beyond your sight, your science, or your ability to imagine; a world I refer to as “reality,” while, for me, your world exists only as a shadow of my own. I speak of a time when Moses’ staff turned into a snake. That was no illusion, it was reality, a reality that goes beyond your comprehension, a reality reproduced by Pharaoh’s magicians. Their feat was not mere illusion, but, like Moses, they actually changed their wooden staffs into living snakes by powers unimagined in your narrow minded world today.

If you are willing to take a little of your time, I will tell you a story from the past, a story of magic and quest, but not at all like the stories of magic that are so popular in this day. This story is real and true, and within the history that it reveals, lies the seed of understanding, an understanding that might allow your eyes to see beyond this present, dark shadow, into the world of reality, for therein lies the entire purpose for your existence.

You see, I was there when it all began, and even before that. I was there before the great flood, before your kind came to be upon the earth, for I am not like you, I am not a temporal being. Over the millennia I have been called many names, but my true name, my given name is Suffugiel. I am a trusted member of The Five, one of the leaders of the Great Rebellion. It is I who have been entrusted with the quest I am about to relate to you. It is my assignment and sole responsibility to recover that power of old, the Quod Magicae that was stolen on the day of the crucifixion, in Jerusalem, where the story began two thousand of your years ago.

I was there on that day. I watched from within the storm as Joseph carried out his secret mission. I was in the lightening, watching, as he violated the temple, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies; I watched him sprinkled the blood. It was I who confused his mind and caused his hesitation when the mission was complete. It was I who used Mary of Magda to convince him to keep a small portion of the blood. I have been manipulating events surrounding the blood ever since, enjoying a great game of pursuit and intrigue, biding my time as I maneuvered many hosts, through many ages in order to arrive at this time and place.

But now the time has come for revelation. It is time for The Man of Lawlessness to take his place on the world stage and bring this shadow to an end; to draw the whole into dark penumbra, blending it there into the invisible singularity of the master’s purpose; to use the power of his blood as the instrument of our final victory over The Light. I continue to manipulate such events in this current age, on this very day, but enough about me, let me introduce you to the latest cast of players to take their place on my puppet’s stage.


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