The Pit


“The Oak Island Pit”, as it is called, is the focus of the plot and the setting for much of the action, both in book one and in the following books of the series I’ve begun, entitled, “Grey Empire.”

The Pit is a two hundred foot deep shaft, cluttered with the wreckage of two hundred years of failed attempts to reach what lies at the bottom; whether that be treasure or curse remains a mystery.

Those who seek treasure rely on the misguided translation of sixty-one rune-like characters carved on a slab of greenstone granite, found more than a hundred years ago at the ninety-foot level, and requiring Monica’s expertise. It has long since been lost from the record of items recovered from The Pit; that, along with every other claimed artifact. The only exception being a gold coin, or the photo of it, for the coin itself, has also disappeared, whisked away into the private collection of the latest, mysterious lessee of the claim to Oak Island’s pit.

It is as if the entire quest, lasting for more than two centuries now, has been some sort of cruel, demonic, practical joke. What lies at the bottom of the pit, this tiny plot of earth, ruptured and scarred by the digging of men desperate to find out? Who designed and built the labyrinthine structure that has protected the secret of the pit for centuries? The answers to these questions and more remain unknown, but Rick Townsend wisely insists that they be answered before one more dollar is spent digging on Oak Island.

Among the missing artifacts, and besides the slab of greenstone granite, bits of wood, reportedly from an old chest and, with them, a shred of parchment with faded writing on it containing the characters, V I, the language, however, is unknown. This tiny piece of parchment inexplicably convinced the dreamers, even more than the evidence of chests, that there was a treasure in the pit below, but this and every other shred of evidence has long since been lost.

The pit itself is a mystery, also lost in the rush for gold. Today, no one is quite certain of its exact location in the scarred earth of Oak Island, but in the nineteenth century, drilling and digging down to the 126′ level, the diabolical design of the pit became clear to those who sought its secrets. It was not so much constructed as a hiding place for treasure, as it was a trap to prevent anyone, including its builders, from recovering what lay below. Considering this reality, along with a curse, known to require the sacrifice of seven lives before the secrets of its depths can be revealed, Rick, Monica and King Arthur, wonder why anyone would try.


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