King Arthur Jones


Arthur Jones is something of a celebrity in Green Turtle Cay and also in Marsh Harbor the largest town in the Abaco Islands. He is a native of the Bahamas, fiftyish, but young at heart; no one is sure of his real age and Arthur won’t say. His parents, both great fans of Arthurian tales, gave him the royal sounding name, King Arthur Jones.

Though he seldom uses his full name in public, it has come in handy for him in branding himself among the locals, first as a fishing guide, then as a chef; ultimately as a restaurateur in Marsh Harbor, but Arthur sold that business and retreated to the simpler life in Green Turtle Cay. Now he works for Rick Townsend, hunting and recovering treasure, and acting as captain, first mate, cook and chief bottle washer aboard Rick’s yacht, Mi Tesoro.

Mostly the job is boring, an aspect Arthur appreciates, but the boredom is broken by periods of interesting salvage, diving for treasure and, occasionally fighting off pirates and interlopers who come to challenge their legal claim. Over the years he and Rick have become close friends and partners in the business, an arrangement that works well for both men. Recently, however, following the recovery of a treasure worth more than a hundred million dollars, Arthur’s role has changed, making him more a companion, who’s job it is, to keep Rick on track and in balance. Having gained so much money turned out to be more a curse than a blessing, requiring Rick to become a manager and administrator of investments. He’s not adjusting well to his new role, becoming more reclusive and falling into long periods of heavy drinking from which Arthur had to pry him free.

Lately a new role has been added to Arthur’s task list. He finds himself an occasional body-guard, defending his friend’s life from those who seek to take it. These recent attacks have something to do with the new job Rick has taken on, the identification and recovery of an alleged treasure in Nova Scotia at a place they call ‘The Pit’, a job Arthur insisted Rick take on, just to get him back to work. The job sounded simple when first described, uncomplicated. How could he have known how deep this hole would go, or the labyrinth it would become? How could he have known the danger it would put his best friend in?


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