Excerpt: Triangle: A Memoir of Black Caesar


Collin’s Journal – Nassau, New Providence, October, 1705


While we struggle to survive, caught between the crushing millstones of royal greed and utter anarchy, two great storms swept the Island during August of this year. They were little to suffer for all the many rewards we have garnered in their wayke. The first of them brought us low, as our longboat was battered to pieces on the rocks. Teach and I were forced to take shelter among the sea grape, on the barrier island, across the anchorage from Nassau. We were marooned there for days before being rescued, a service for which we were mayde to pay.

To our good fortune, Cockburn’s Tavern was destroyed, the rebuilding of which provyded employment and a worthy income for several weeks. Then came the second of the great storms and blew down all our good work, for which Sully employed us to rebuild a second tyme. In the course of the weeks that followed we recovered a derelict cutter, larger than our previous longboat by nearly double and better to sail. With but few repairs we were able to mayke her sea worthy.

Having a worthy vessel, we set out upon the larger sea, among the many islands, where we found the storms had created a great deal of salvage and many a stranded crew, willing to pay for rescue. By early September, Teach and I had gained enough riches to feel ourselves wealthy barons, spending our evenings drinking, gambling and he, wenching, at Cockburn’s, where, thanks to Teach’s gregarious character, we became celebrities.


Collin Aldworth

Nassau, New Providence, 1705



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