Petit Maronage



Chateau Verettes, Port Mara, St. Domingue, 1703

“Petit Maronage” – It means to run away briefly, to leave your place, or walk away from your work, to idly wander, to visit a relative, or a sick friend, or maybe just to take a break from the brutal regimen of the day. It could be as innocent as a quiet walk in the forest, a moment to see the world differently than is common from the searing heat of the hellish fields of cane, but one must be careful what one sees.

Opal should never have gone, but who knew that a quiet walk in the forest would lead to such a result; merciless vengeance, torture and death. Who knew? Such was the life of a slave, to be ever imprisoned by torture and fear in a life too brutal to desire.


Excerpt: “Triangle: A Memoir of Black Caesar”

“Opal’s own body came alive with the excitement of their tryst, but she forced herself to repress her own arousal. She looked away, burying her head against her forearm, trying desperately to catch her breath. It wasn’t till the steamy sounds of their passion died away to slow, deep breathing that Opal dared open her eyes. To her great terror, when she looked again, she found herself staring directly into Liana Royer’s sleepy, blue eyes.

Liana’s brow wrinkled tentatively, at first unsure what it was she was seeing in the shadows of the brush, on the other side of the small clearing. She began to sit up, but before she could let out the scream that was soon to follow, Opal jumped to her feet and ran off, down the narrow path, toward the plantation.

Terrified and confused she ran to her empty hovel, the only place of safety that she knew, a darkened corner beside the entrance. It wasn’t long before Firmin stood there, blocking the light, whip in hand, his face ashen with fury. Seeing Opal cowering beside the door, he lashed out at her, striking her in the face and drawing blood. He beat her nearly unconscious and dragged her by the hair to the plantation infirmary, where Liana waited, hysterical with rage. They locked Opal on the bar, a long, rough-hewn wooden plank that pressed painfully into her spine, an instrument of torture, the most common use of the infirmary.

“Voyeur!” Liana screamed at Opal over and over as she slapped her face, threatening, “You will pay for this!””



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