Saltwater Born


Chateau Verettes, Port Mara, St. Domingue, May, 1701


Excerpt: Triangle: A Memoir of Black Caesar

“Since  arriving here, he no longer wore the shackles that had left telltale scars on his wrists, ankles and neck. Nor had he been taken to the cane fields to work with the other slaves. Instead, he’d been left here, in the compound, with a gruff, old woman, who, even now, glared at him from the entrance to her hovel. She hissed at him, but he would not look up from the busy ants. He’d not spoken to the woman, or anyone else since his arrival, four days ago. She was not of his tribe. Maya and Ezinma, his only remaining kin, had sailed away with “Ahldwoert” and “Rit-chee”. He’d no idea where they had gone, or if he would ever see them again. He was alone now, betrayed, frightened and forgotten among strangers.”

For an adult, the experience of slavery was traumatizing far beyond Stockholm Syndrome, it was devastating to the human spirit, pushing its victims beyond the desire to comply, out of sheer terror, with their cruel masters. It would bring a gentle soul to the point of wishing only for death. For a child, unless he were very strong of will, the trauma would consume him for the rest of his brief life, for the system was formed around compliance and brevity.

How will Nwoye survive the unknown terrors of his own future? Will he rise, stronger, from the ashes of his experience, tempered by the cauldron of the “trade”, or will he become a victim of the holocaust of souls that is “The Devil’s Triangle”?

Time and the resilience of the human spirit will be the forces that determine his outcome.



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